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Master Mechanic Diagnostics & Repair

14303-A Sullyfield Circle
Chantilly, VA 20151

Telephone: 703-449-9000

Website: http://www.master-mechanic.com/

Email: service@master-mechanic.com

Discount Offered: 15% off labor (see note)

Contact Name: Barb Ballard or Leonard

Notes: I'm willing to offer a 15% discount on labor for any repair when VCDL members present their VCDL Membership card when they drop off their vehicle for service. We are gun friendly and have a large number of local and national law enforcement officers as customers. We also service vehicles for the FBI. We will make a donation to the VCDL PAC every time a VCDL member has their vehicle serviced at Master Mechanic, in addition to the 15% member discount.

Professional Auto Service


5900 Thurston Avenue

Virginia Beach, VA  23455

Telephone: 757-962-0102

Email: GMSPAZZ@aol.com

Discount Offered: 15% off repair

Contact Name: Glenn Moser

Notes: I would give VCDL members a 15% discount on auto repair needed. And, of course I have the infamous 'Guns save lives' sticker on my door. Show VCDL membership card.

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Address: PO. Box 513, Newington, VA 22122

Phone: 804-639-0600 • 703-372-3285 • 757-271-3705 • 540-446-5783