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Phase 3 - Contact The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan

Right now National Reciprocity is languishing in a House Judiciary subcommittee.  We have contacted Virginia Representative Bob Goodlatte to urge him to get H.R. 38 moving.  However, we must get the House leadership behind that effort.

Apparently the Speaker, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, has not been hearing from enough people that national reciprocity is important to them.

We can certainly fix that problem!

While we are not constituents of his, he is OUR Speaker and there is a way to communicate with him as such.


To call the Speaker's DC office (best option):  202-225-0600
To email the Speaker:  http://www.speaker.gov/contact  (select "A Better Way" for Area of Interest, for Subject use: "Please get H.R. 38 to the Floor ASAP!", and for Issue use: "Homeland Security")

Talking points:

* National Reciprocity is an important bill to the 17 million concealed handgun permit holders in the U.S., as it is a life-saving measure that allows people to protect themselves as they travel around the country
* Please get H.R. 38 to the Floor for a vote ASAP

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