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First Defense, LLC

PO Box 2032
Culpeper, VA 22701

Telephone: 703.919.3070

Website: www.firstdefensellc.com

Email: FirstDefense@comcast.net

Discount Offered: 10%

Contact Name: Joe Short

Notes: A 10% discount to all VCDL members for all of First Defense's training classes. Fellow Members need only show their membership card.

GirlOnFire, LLC - Firearms Training

GirlOnFire, LLC

Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, New York,  Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Massachusetts, Utah, Wisconsin, Minnesota 

Phone:  877-634-6365

Website: http://www.girlonfire.life

Email: info@girlonfire.life

Discount Offered: $29 Off Conceal Carry and Personal Safety Courses, $29 Off Personalized Range Instruction

Contact Name: Jody Maki

Notes: GirlOnFire DC | GirlOnFire NY, LLC is a Personal Safety and Firearms Training Academy offering Active Shooter Prevention Training, Safety and Defensive Strategies (non-firearms), Multi-State Conceal Carry Courses, Marksmanship Training, and High-level Agency Training.  Instructor Courses in Pistol, Rifle and CRSO Disciplines also available.

Discount:  $25.00 Off Conceal Carry Course or MD HQL 

Permit to Buy Course and $25.00 Off Marksmanship Training (One-on-One)

Highland Tactical Solutions, LLC

6241 Lakeside Drive
Quinton, VA 23141

Telephone: (757) 634-7869

Email: highlandtactical@outlook.com

Discount Offered: $20 FFL transfers to VCDL members.

Contact Name: Michael M. Nelson

Notes: If any member is interested, they should contact Michael prior to having a gun shipped to make sure he will be in.  He has limited hours each week.  He also offers FFL & Transfers / Training / Expert Firearm Appraisals (US Colonial period - WWII) for individual guns, collections and estates.

Innovative Defensive Solutions, LLC

We travel to host ranges in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Telephone:  571-535-4437

Website: http://www.InnovativeDefensiveSolutions.com

Email: Evan@InnovativeDefensiveSolutions.com

Discount Offered: 15% off all courses, 10% on merchandise

Contact Name: Evan Carson

Notes:  Innovative Defensive Solutions, LLC (IDS) focuses on teaching intuitive defensive handgun skills that lend themselves to efficiently handling a firearm in ways that are congruent with the body’s natural reactions under stress. This methodology allows us to better prepare our students for situations where drawing a firearm is a possibility.  

Our main objectives are to educate our student base and followers with information that will make themselves and their families/friends safer. While our main focus is concealed carry and defensive handgun training, personal defense is about much more then firearms, its about a mindset and a lifestyle. So not only do we offer training for you to become more efficient with your tools but we also provide education and training on general personal defense topics through lectures, seminars, blogs, podcasts and videos.  

Simply put our main goal is to be a resource for you and your family to lead a safer life.

Practical Firearms Training

498 Mossy Rock Trail

Alderson, WV  24910

Telephone: 406-690-3263

Website: pgpft.com

Email: pgoodale@pgpft.com

Discount Offered: 10% off Open Registration Courses (Not Special Events, Specialized or Advanced Courses. Discount Percentage Refunded at Course Sign In)

Contact Name: Pat Goodale

Notes: Practical Firearms Training, taught by Pat Goodale, offers realistic and challenging courses for shooters at all levels of experience and skill. The programs are structured to provide the skills, knowledge, and confidence required to safely own and effectively use firearms.

Vantage Firearms Academy

PO Box 4196
Manassas, VA 20108

Telephone: 571-330-8630

Website: http://concealedcourse.com

Email: info@concealedcourse.com

Discount Offered: 15%

Website Discount Code: VCDL

Contact Name: Roger Jones

Notes: Firearms Training, Utah, Florida, & Virginia Concealed Handgun Courses

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