Donald Trump Jr. stopped by the VCDL booth in Dale City on November 6.

Senator Bryce Reeves addresses the VCDL picnic in Fredericksburg on July 30, 2016.  Over 100 members attended.


VCDL floods Arlington Zoning Board meeting to successfully defeat an attempt to pull NOVA Armory's occupancy permit on May11, 2016.  VCDL President, Philip Van Cleave, is addressing the Board.

Raised hands supporting NOVA Armory shows VCDL's dominance of the room - even at 10:20 PM!  Almost the entire audience was wearing VCDL "Giuns Save Lives" stickers.  THIS is what true activism looks like!

VCDL "Supper Meeting" in Roanoke on March 29, 2016 - full house!

Photos from Lobby Day 2016 - turnout - more than 1,200 gun owners!

VCDL members prepare to meet with a legislator

Shaneen Allen, an innocent victim of New Jersey's "legal system," spoke at the event

VCDL meets with Senator Dick Black, who is sponsoring a "Constitutional Carry" bill

While a few legislators were less than welcoming, Amanda Chase wasn't one of them!

The less-than-welcoming sign and our response.

VCDL meeting with Delegate Scott Lingamfelter

Anti-gun legislators heard from us, too!

This truck circled the Capitol all day on Lobby Day

And we had a large rally with many speakers later in the morning

Victory! VCDL convinces Newport News to drop gun control agenda

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