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1. VCDL statement on Lobby Day 2021, January 18
2. Exact location for the Hampton main-caravan starting point
3. Roanoke hearing on local gun-control postponed
4. Virginia Citizens Armory in Purcellville is doing a sub-caravan to Fairfax County main-caravan starting point
5. Social Media censorship in full swing: AR15.com booted off GoDaddy
6. Alexandria passes local gun control and then has to ask ATF to help with large increase in gunfire incidents! We told them so.
7. The Gold Standard for the Defensive Use of Firearms in Virginia

1. VCDL statement on Lobby Day 2021, January 18
Some have wondered if Lobby Day would be canceled or changed due to the events at the U.S. Capitol back on January 6. The answer is no.  Lobby Day is on track for this Monday, January 18. Lobby Day in 2021 is like all our other previous Lobby Days - we are peacefully lobbying to protect our rights, we are not protesting anything. There are times and places for protests, but Lobby Day is not one of them.

We cannot cancel our events every time the rumor mill starts talking about possible problems caused by provocateurs.  If we did, we would have no more events and no voice in the fight to protect the right to keep and bear arms. Gun grabbers would make sure there would always be some "threat" to shut down our events.

Right on queue there are reports (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fbi-internal-memo-warns-of-plans-for-armed-protests-in-all-50-state-capitals-ahead-of-biden-inauguration) that all 50 states could have armed protesters over the election, with some potentially creating violence (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/warning-not-attend-armed-protests-state-capitols-inauguration-possible-sinister-plot-hatched-radical-left-take-away-gun-rights/) at their capitols. Luckily for us, we aren't protesting, the Capitol is closed anyway, and we are just driving through.

I'm sure you remember all the threats that were supposedly going to happen at last year's Lobby Day. We were told by various sources that Antifa, white supremacists, the government, and anarchists, were all planning to disrupt the event with violence. We were told by various pundits that we were being put into a cage to be slaughtered, like buffalos herded to a cliff. The Governor declared a state of emergency, banned guns on Capitol Square, caged in the Capitol Square and required screening of all individuals entering the cage, brought in loads of police from across the state, and even had a "no fly zone" over Richmond. Many called for VCDL to cancel that Lobby Day due to the potential for violence.

We didn't cancel. Gun owners showed up in huge numbers - over 50,000 attended. Lobby Day went off without a hitch, with so many telling me that was one of the best events they had ever been to.  The patriotism and camaraderie that day was wonderful and the magnitude of the event shook up the General Assembly and helped VCDL kill most of the gun-control bills, including bans on semi-automatic rifles. The gun-control bills that passed were greatly watered down.

Could something potentially happen? Sure. That's always true. But liberty and freedom are worth the risk.  There should be plenty of police to deal with anyone committing an act of violence.

Here are some key points about Lobby Day 2021:

  • VCDL is peacefully lobbying the General Assembly to protect our gun rights. We are not protesting anything that day
  • Vehicles should be clearly marked in support of our gun rights. Awards going to best decked-out vehicles
  • VCDL has a hotline to the Virginia State Police, Richmond Police, and Capitol Police, should we need to contact each other, just like in the past. VCDL has a great working relationship with law enforcement and we expect they will be every bit as professional this year as they were last year
  • VCDL will have a command center to help coordinate the caravans, live stream speakers and information to your smart phones, and provide electronic maps showing the current location of the caravans so that you can merge in as they pass your location
  • FRS, GMRS, and HAM radio frequencies will be announced for communication between vehicles in the caravans. HAMs will be helping us to automatically track the sub-caravans, too. (HUGE response from HAMs when the call went out for help with Lobby Day!)
  • If you have a dash cam, leave it on to document the trip
  • Be a citizen journalist. When Lobby Day is over send us your best photos and/or videos. We will use some of them to create an electronic photo-album on Lobby Day 2021
  • While we encourage everyone to stay in the caravan, if you decide to walk around Richmond: 1) don't block sidewalks or streets and 2) If you see anything untoward going on, get out of the area. Best not to go to any events in the area on Sunday, either.
  • Green Top has run out of flags and other items and they were stocked, and restocked, heavily! They will be restocked again later today, thanks to Tom Gee, who is driving the items down from Fredericksburg to Ashland. Green Top will now have magnets and stickers, as well as more signs and flags. Be sure to get your Lobby Day items for your vehicle soon - there are stores across the state that are distributing them. Locations and information is here.
  • New VCDL ad: https://youtu.be/HvzFTsMs2O4
 2. Exact location for the Hampton main-caravan starting point
The Hampton main-caravan is going to start at Parking Lot "D" of the Hampton Coliseum at 11:30 AM on January 18.

Hampton Coliseum parking lot "D" is a dirt parking lot on the left side of Convention Center Blvd. as you approach the Coliseum. Geographic location is 37°02'17.4"N 76°22'35.6"W. The PLUS Code, which is unique to Google Maps, for that lot is 2JQF+79 Hampton, Virginia. Lot "D" is marked in orange below.

 3. Roanoke hearing on local gun-control postponed
Roanoke City Council has postponed their original hearing on a proposed local gun-control ordinance until some time after January 20th. No new date announced. They might not have been prepared for what was probably a large response from gun owners on the proposed item, either.


 4. Virginia Citizens Armory in Purcellville is doing a sub-caravan to Fairfax County main-caravan starting point
A sub-convoy of the Lobby Day caravan will be meeting in Purcellville, Loudoun County. Organized by Chris Hansford, owner of Virginia Citizens Armory, the subconvoy will be organizing between 7:30 and 8:15am on January 18, at the terminus of Mayfair Crown Drive in Purcellville to head east and join the main convoy from Fairfax. The Loudoun sub-convoy will be led by a military-surplus humvee and Chris will also be handing out VCDL flags and signs. Suggested donation to VCDL for those items is $10 each. NOTE: Chris is NOT collecting any money for the signs or flags.

 5. Social Media censorship in full swing: AR15.com booted off GoDaddy
AR15.com, one of the most popular websites for gun owners, just got booted off the GoDaddy platform. Guns.com disappeared yesterday. My account with Facebook (which I very rarely ever posted things or used) was removed with no reason given, except I had violated some unnamed rule. No warnings, just, poof, gone. Oh, well. I am on mewe.com. The VCDL page and group are still up - that's what's important.

Clearly, the gun-prohibitionists want to silence gun organizations and disconnect them from their members.

The good news is that AR15.com has found a new home and is back up.



AR15.com kicked off GoDaddy platform… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

 6. Alexandria passes local gun control and then has to ask ATF to help with large increase in gunfire incidents! We told them so.
We told Alexandria City Council when they had a hearing on their proposed local gun-control ordinance that they would see higher crime and violence.

City Council was hell-bent on passing the ordinance to be the first in the state to do so and laughed us off.

They might not be laughing any more. Out of desperation, they are calling in the BATFE for help. We can tell them what to do right now to turn things around, can't we?

https://www.alxnow.com/2021/01/11/alexandria-police-ask-atf-to-help-stem-49-surge-in-gunfire-incidents/?mc_ cid=0c6cd2d23e&mc_eid=a875bdf080

7. The Gold Standard for the Defensive Use of Firearms in Virginia
NOTE: VCDL gets 10% of student tuition to help with the fight to protect the Second Amendment.

You've already spent hours in concealed carry classes or going through other self-defense training. In a physical sense, you're well-equipped to rely on firearms for personal protection, but are ALL of your bases covered?

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Understand how to make a tactically sound, yet legally defensible decision when faced with a self-defense scenario.

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Prepare for the aftermath that follows a deadly-force attack by knowing how to reduce the legal vulnerabilities that will disrupt your life.

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Access a comprehensive presentation of Virginia's law of self-defense, broken down in an easily digestible format, available online at your convenience.

Learn how< /p>

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