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1. Status of gun bills
2. Note on Lobby Day
3. Help Needed: Fredericksburg gun show THIS WEEKEND!
4. VCDL virtual membership meeting tonight at 8m on YouTube, Facebook

1. Status of gun bills: All of the gun-control bill cleared the Public Safety Firearms subcommittee last night, unfortunately, but not surprisingly. HB 2276, got a change in language to avoid inadvertently making guns made before 1968 illegal. That bill is dabbling in a part of federal gun law that should be left to BATFE to handle. These bills are headed to full committee on Friday.

Gun-control bill HB 2081, which bans guns within 40 feet of polling places, cleared the Privileges and Elections committee today and is headed to the House Floor.

Watch for an Alert on Thursday directing you how to fight those bills in committee and on the House Floor.
2. Note on Lobby Day: VCDL Lobby Day was a success, with over 1,000 vehicles participating. Because of the way Richmond PD kept opening and closing streets, you might not realize the magnitude as the caravans did not all follow the expected routes and one caravan was short circuited after arriving in Richmond. We had reports that one caravan was 10 miles long and another 3 miles long (which is nothing to sneeze at either). The event went off safely and I have reports from attendees on how great it was to participate. Our message wasn't lost on the expressways either, as there was plenty of honking and thumbs up signals to our caravans.

There are some teaser photos and information on the main page of the VCDL website (http://vcdl.org). Once the General Assembly is done, I will work on putting together an alert documenting Lobby Day 2021. We will also have a video documenting the event.

3. Help Needed: Fredericksburg gun show THIS WEEKEND!

Your VCDL urgently needs member volunteers to help this Friday and Saturday, January 23 and 24, at the:




For details contact: Jennifer Stover, Fredericksburg Gun Show Coordinator

Text (preferred);  757-701-5662

email:  kiddomom@att.net

4. VCDL virtual membership meeting tonight at 8 pm on YouTube, Facebook

VCDL will have a membership meeting tonight at 8 pm on the VCDL Facebook page and our YouTube channel.

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