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Sanctuary City vote -- Poquoson VA

  • 12/03/2019
  • 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Poquoson VA

Action item: Contact the Poquoson City Council about 2A Sanctuary resolution
If you live in Poquoson, contact your City Council member and urge them to pass a resolution making Poquoson a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary.

For Poquoson residents only.  Include your name, address, and indicate your support for Poquoson becoming a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary as 23 localities have already done.  Include this link to VCDL's model Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution:


They will have to modify the resolution's wording to apply to a city.

Here is the contact info for the Poquoson Council Members:

W. Eugene Hunt, Jr.
Title: Mayor
Phone: 757-868-3000

Carey L. Freeman
Title: Vice Mayor/Western Precinct City Council
Phone: 757-868-0811

David A. Hux
Title: Western Precinct City Council
Phone: 757-868-4231

Thomas J. Cannella II
Title: Central Precinct City Council
Phone: 757-868-9565

Charles M. 'Bud' Southall, III
Title: Central Precinct City Council
Phone: 757-868-9956

Herbert R. Green, Jr.
Title: Eastern Precinct City Council
Phone: 757-868-6442

Jana D. Andrews
Title: Eastern Precinct City Council
Phone: 757-868-0921

J. Randall Wheeler
Title: City Manager
Phone: 757-868-3000

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