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Charlottesville to pass Gun Control

  • 08/03/2020
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Charlottesville VA

Action Item:

Charlottesville is going to vote on

local gun-control possibly on August 3

On August 3, Charlottesville is planning on getting public input and then voting on a local gun-control ordinance, which is based on the Alexandria model.  Hmmm - I guess THEY aren't interested in having regional gun-laws that match like their compadres in NoVA!  Except for Albemarle County, the other localities near them are hopefully all going to pass the "No local gun-control" resolution, assuming gun owners push them to do so (hint, hint).

Charlottesville City Council

605 E Main Street
2nd Floor
CharlottesvilleVA 22902

Action Item

To sign up to speak (do this ASAP, as they have a

very limited number of speakers allowed), click here:


Here is a link to submit your comments to

City Council about opposing local gun-control


Media coverage:

Council advances firearm ban,

signals support for expanded CRB power


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