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Lobby Day ~ Richmond VA

  • 01/18/2021
  • 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Richmond VA

Lobby Day ~ Richmond VA Jan 18, 2021

Updated Dec 26, 2020

New Lobby Day Information

New VCDL ad:  https://youtu.be/HvzFTsMs2O4

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Added 2021 Jan 17

Links for tracking the buses on Monday and information on merging with caravans

You can track the four main-caravan buses as they head toward Richmond by clicking here:  http://vcdl-bus.org

There is a dropdown menu that will allow you track an individual bus's route.  You can also use these direct links to the four buses:
NOTE:  The links will not be functioning until Monday morning.

Fairfax Bus 1: 

Hampton Bus 2:

Emporia Bus 3:

Staunton Bus 4:

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 Exact location for the Hampton main-caravan starting point


The Hampton main-caravan is going to start at Parking Lot "D" of the Hampton Coliseum at 11:30 AM on January 18.

Hampton Coliseum parking lot "D" is a dirt parking lot on the left side of Convention Center Blvd. as you approach the Coliseum. Geographic location is 37°02'17.4"N 76°22'35.6"W.  The PLUS Code, which is unique to Google Maps, for that lot is 2JQF+79 Hampton, Virginia.  Lot "D" is marked in orange below.

515f22e6-6de5-40f9-9b75-3012c094939d.jpeg (bad link - try below)


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Help needed to distribute VCDL Lobby Day 2021 flyers!

We were not able to put this out earlier based on the changing rules in Richmond! So this is a VERY quick turn-around!

VCDL is having Lobby Day 2021 Flyers (LDF) printed.

If you are able, and willing, to distribute these in quantity we could use your help. Think...

  • In every bag at the gun store
  • Every bulletin at church or the lodge
  • Hunter Ed or firearm classes
  • Your gun club
  • The office
  • Any Christmas / Holiday Party
  • Any place you can get the word out

If you are interested, please email the following information to the Lobby Day Flyer Coordinator at mailto:LDF@VCDL.ORG Include:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your City, State Zip
  • Your best Phone number
  • Your best email address
  • Quantity you want (100 minimum)

Planned method and area of distribution

NOTE! - These get shipped via UPS and UPS cannot deliver to Post Office Boxes!

HOWEVER, there is a work around.

If you want UPS to deliver to your PO Box, you need to provide the STREET address of the Post Office and you use your PO Box number as a suite number.


VCDL corporate address is a P.O. Box in Newington Virginia


PO Box 513

Newington, VA 22122

For UPS to deliver we give the street address of the Post Office where the box is and the box number as a suite, like so:


8253A Backlick Rd.

Suite 513

Newington, VA 22122

The window for this project closes on MONDAY, December 28th at 10 AM, to give time for printing and distribution. Short as it may be.

Again, if you can help out in distributing these flyers, contact our Lobby Day Flyer Coordinator at mailto:LDF@VCDL.ORG with the above info.

NOTE: In a pinch you can print and distribute your own copies of the flyer. Click here to download the flyer in PDF format.

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URGENT: Before Lobby Day (January 18), VCDL is going to ship flags, magnets, and signs to certain businesses around the state. That allows gun owners to pick up those items locally in advance of Lobby Day to decorate their vehicles.

Bob's Gun Store in Norfolk has already contacted us and said they could do distribution in their area.

On my personal list to contact are: Green Top Sporting Goods and Colonial Shooting Academy in Richmond and Safeside Tactical in Roanoke and Lynchburg.

If you know of other locations that can distribute the flags, signs, and magnets, let me know. It doesn't necessarily have to be a gun store. It could be any kind of business where they can temporarily store some boxes of items and hand those items out.

Important: the distribution locations will not be collecting any money, just distributing the items. (Details on the cost of the items and how you can pay for them online will be in a future alert.)

$ Cost of items in a future ALERT. $

Send an email to mailto:president@vcdl.org?subject=Distribution, in the subject line put "Distribution", and in the message give me the name and location of the business. Also, include contact information for the business as well as the business address, if you have it.


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Please read:

Lobby Day Information

Please use these tags on social media

when referring to Lobby Day 2021:

#Rolling4the2a   #VCDL

The initial maps of the caravan routes and the

caravan times are now ready!

The initial Lobby Day map showing the various caravan starting points, starting times, waypoints, and times the caravans will be passing by the waypoints and arriving in Richmond is now available here:


That link can also be found on the vcdl.org website's main page.

Exact locations will provided in a future update. For now we are only providing the general locations.

The Caravans

There will be four main-caravans headed to Richmond: Emporia, Fairfax County, Hampton, and Staunton, each led by a "decked-out" bus. There will be nine sub-caravans that will merge with the main-caravans: Bristol, Burgess, Chesapeake, Dahlgren, Lynchburg, Martinsville, Virginia Beach, Wattsville and Winchester.

There are twenty-seven waypoints: Appomattox, Ashland, Callao, Charlottesville, Christiansburg, Crewe, Danville, Disputanta, Eastville, Farmville, Fredericksburg, Heathsville, Mount Crawford, Norfolk, Petersburg, Roanoke, South Boston, Springfield, Stoney Creek, Suffolk, Tappahannock, Wakefield, Warsaw, Waverly, Williamsburg, Windsor, and Wytheville.

Once a caravan has left the starting point, it will not stop at the various waypoints on its way to Richmond. The waypoints will be used as a place where gun owners gather as they wait for a caravan to pass. Those at the waypoints will then merge with the passing caravan on the main highway.

The main caravans will be arriving in Richmond over a staggered four-hour period from 12 noon to 4 pm. The timing is also configured in such a way that no one should have to get up at O'Dark 30. The earliest sub-caravan (Wattsville) and the earliest main-caravan (Fairfax) both start at 8:50 AM. The latest sub-caravan (Winchester) starts at 11:35 AM and the latest main-caravan (Emporia) starts at 12:30 PM.

Do I have to merge with a caravan at one of the specified waypoints?

Absolutely not! If there is a convenient location closer to you where a caravan is going to pass, then wait there. For example, there are plenty of other places to wait for the Staunton caravan on I64.

How will I know where the caravan I want to join is currently located?

VCDL is working on a way where the location of all the caravans can be viewed in realtime on your smartphone, pad, or computer. Watch for more information on this later.

We will also be live streaming status information on the caravans and a host of great guest-speakers that you can listen to while you are driving in the caravan. Details on this will come later.

Will there be a way to communicate with others in my caravan or for caravans to communicate with each other?

Yes. VCDL will explain how that will be done in a later alert.

Can I walk around downtown Richmond armed?

Other pertinent laws?

If you wish to visit downtown Richmond, it is legal to carry a firearm for self-defense. If you don't have a CHP, then don't have a magazine in your firearm that will hold MORE than 20 rounds. Long guns should not be loaded while driving in a vehicle with or without CHP. Richmond parks and government buildings are off limits if posted. A person refusing to leave such an area when told to do so, could be charged with either a violation of the local gun-control ordinance or trespass.

Flags, magnets, signs, etc.

VCDL is ordering vehicle flags (GSL and the VCDL logo), as well as GSL and VCDL logo magnets. The more you "deck out" your vehicle, the better! We want those watching the long stream of vehicles go by to know that those vehicles are part of a massive caravan on a mission to protect the right to keep and bear arms. How to get those flags and magnets will be explained in a future alert. You can also make your own signs for your vehicle and/or to carry if you go walking in Richmond. Your signs should stick to the common theme: gun rights.

We need you to be a part of Lobby Day!

This year's Lobby Day is going to be critical in helping protect our gun rights from the anti-gun extremist Democrats currently in control. They will once again try to ban semi-automatic rifles, restrict magazine size, ban suppressors, reduce reciprocity with other states, make CHPs harder to get, prohibit open carry, make CHPs harder to get, and much, much more. To avoid VCDL having another massive Lobby Day, the Governor and his minions have tried to stop Lobby Day altogether through dirty tricks.

We can't, and won't, let them silence us!

But numbers matter and Lobby Day needs to produce another year of eye-popping attendance!

Gun owners are not only coming from across Virginia, but across the country to attend Lobby Day! If everyone carries their own water and doesn't look for excuses to stay home and do nothing, we will have another record-breaking Lobby Day in 2021!

We can change the course of Virginia politics

Remember that the Virginia House, Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General positions are all up for grabs on November 2, 2021!

In January we fight off gun-control and push pro-gun bills for passage. In November we vote to turn this ship around.

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