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Time to Eliminate Deadly Gun-Free Zones!

The Fantasy and Fallacy of Gun-Free Zones

A "gun-free zone" (GFZ), like the unicorn, is a fantasy.  But unlike unicorns, GFZs are another form of gun control that can get you killed.  (Since 1950, 98% of public mass-shootings have occurred in so called "gun-free zones.")

GFZ are built around the ridiculous concept that violent criminals, when confronted with a sign prohibiting guns in an area, will simply comply.  So, a human monster who is intent on murdering a large number of innocent people and then, typically, committing suicide, is going to be cowed into submission by a piece of paper?  How stupid is that?

If those "no guns" signs worked, we could also post "No murders, rapes, robberies, theft, or assaults allowed" signs everywhere and the crime rate would drop to zero and the unicorns will be dancing in the streets!

Look at it this way, if you were a hungry fox, would you rather attack a vicious wolverine, a skunk, or a bunch of helpless chickens in a coup?

Here is a video poking fun at gun-free zones.  And another more dramatic video.

Time to Outlaw Gun-Free Zones

There are two types of GFZs: enforced and unenforced.  Enforced GFZs are places like courthouses, that have both metal detectors and omnipresent armed security.  Unenforced GFZs are everywhere else.

Unenforced GFZs need to be eliminated so that people can protect themselves and potential mass-murderers deterred.  One way to do that is by making the owners of all unenforced GFZs civilly liable for anyone killed or wounded in them by a criminal.

VCDL is working to make unenforced gun-free zones a thing of the past.

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